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Victor P. Corona, Ph.D., is a sociologist at West Los Angeles College and author of Lambda Award finalist Night Class: A Downtown Memoir (Soft Skull, 2017). Born in Mexico City, he earned a B.A. at Yale and Ph.D. at Columbia. He taught in New York for eight years before moving to LA in 2018.

He has written for FOX Television, Fodor's, VICELos Angeles Review of Books, GO, PopMatters, and NY Art BeatHe also wrote the first peer-reviewed academic article about Lady Gaga, completed quantitative research on U.S. Army officer careers for his doctoral dissertation (see article version), and carried out a qualitative study of Mexican politicians for his senior thesis.

He has participated in panels and readings at the West Hollywood City Council Chambers, East Los Angeles College, Samsung (NY), Authors Night (Hamptons), Rizzoli, The Museum of Arts and Design, Columbia University Alumni Association of Southern California, Fashion Forward, Cal State LA's Social Theory Symposium, the California Sociological Association, and elsewhere.

Photograph: Rachel Carrillo

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